Ava Housing

Formerly The Abhaile Project

An innovative new scheme for older homeowners to reconfigure their family-sized homes, creating a new rental unit within the house.

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Elderly couple looking at the Abhaile Project website

Security & Less Isolation

  • · Home is tied up with memories.
  • · Designed for evolving needs.
  • · Can revert back to a family home.
Elderly couple looking at the Abhaile Project website

Intergenerational Living

  • · Uses the whole house.
  • · Brings young and old together.
  • · Boosts retirement income.
Elderly couple looking at the Abhaile Project website

Support Ageing In Place

  • · Supports the homeowner.
  • · Avoids unintended consequences.
  • · Optimises existing rules.


In Houses

160,000 over 50’s currently living alone in family sized houses. [ESRI]



500,000+ people classified as “retired” in 2016 census – up 19% on 2011 [CSO]


Group Growing

Aged 55+ expected to increase from 0.5m in 2011 to 1.4m in 2046. [Housing Agency]


Beaumont Pilot House

This pilot project was carried out on a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Beaumont. All the works were carried out within the existing footprint of the house with no requirement to extend.

Downstairs the layout was reconfigured to provide a comfortable living space, a bedroom to the front of the house and a larger bathroom with level access shower. The kitchen area and sitting room create spacious living for the homeowner. In the hallway an additional glass door was included to provide privacy while still allowing daylight to enter.

Upstairs the original bedroom, en-suite and bathroom were kept as they were. The front two rooms were combined to create a kitchen and living space for a renter. All interventions upstairs are designed to be reversible so in the future the home can easily revert back to a three-bedroom family home.

The house was fully rewired, and all sockets and switches were put at a more accessible height. Downstairs all doors were widened to allow clear widths and ease of movement. Our homeowner had recent energy upgrade with external insulation being applied just prior to the Ava Housing works. A new front door was installed in order to create a larger lobby space.

The homeowner moved back into the house just before Christmas 2020 and a renter moved in early 2021. The homeowners bright sense of style can be seen throughout this demonstrator house.

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Clondalkin Pilot Project

This pilot project was carried out on a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Clondalkin. This house is very similar to the base design originally created by our architects and is a house typical of mature neighbourhoods in Dublin. The existing garage to the side of the house offered further room to create a large and very comfortable living space downstairs for the homeowner whilst also creating an independent space upstairs for a person to share. Downstairs, the breakfast room was transformed into a new spacious shower room adjacent to the new bedroom which was also made larger. The front room of the house remains a living room with the addition of a sofa bed to accommodate guests. The real transformation for the homeowner was the new kitchen and living area that was designed to reflect the homeowners love of books, reading and cooking.

Upstairs, the original bedroom and bathroom were retained. The front two bedrooms were combined to create a new living space and kitchen. The construction interventions upstairs are minimal so that the house can easily revert back to a family home in the future. The homeowner decided to keep the hall open and shared to retain the natural light and encourage a natural level of interaction.

Our homeowner had previously installed multiple energy efficiency upgrades and so the main fabric work was the installation of sound insulation between the ground and first floor for acoustic separation. The whole house was also rewired.

A renter has moved in and the homeowner is happily settling into her new space downstairs. The entire process took 1 year with the homeowner moving out for a period of 8 weeks to allow for the building works.

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