The Abhaile Project Coffee Morning

The Abhaile Project held our very first coffee morning at the Fumbally Exchange, Dame Lane. It was a chance for us to meet up with the homeowners that we have met along the way and also a chance for homeowners to meet each other. At the moment we are at design stage on our Pilot Project so we were able to update everyone on how they are going and introduce our two pilot project homes and their owners. We are very grateful to have been granted the trust of our brave homeowners – without them it would be difficult to predict the questions and pitfalls that could arise. With their attention to detail, willing to give us the time to ask questions and most importantly coming to us with queries we hope to have an enjoyable and informative pilot project stage. There were also homeowners who joined us, who are watching the pilot project with a keen eye and may form part of the roll out later in 2018.

Our main priority at the moment is building our pilot projects and building our community of homeowners. The coffee morning was an opportunity for us to build on our community and introduce everyone to each other. A lot of the same questions come up so it’s great for us to be able to get a good Q&A session so we can build our design around the needs and wants of older homeowners. While each homeowner and home is different we want to be able to pick up on the patterns so they we can make the renovations as smooth as possible.

Thank you to Lee from Third Space who provided us with Teas, Coffees and tasty treats. Thanks to Magda for the photos and Fumbally Exchange for the space. Thank you Michelle and Ciaran for the excellent presentations  and most importantly thank you to our community of homeowners and supporters who joined us and encouraged us.




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