Abhaile Project in the News – October 2018

There has been a considerable amount of news around the Abhaile Project over the last week. Below is a quick summary of the news coverage if you want to pass some time in the run up to the Budget 2019.


Orla Hegarty on Today with Sean O Rourke, RTE Radio 1 (3rd October 2018)

Director, Ciarán Ferrie on The Last Word with Matt CooperToday FM (3rd October 2018)

Director, Ciarán Ferrie on Drivetime, RTE Radio 1 (3rd October 2018)

Founder and Director, Michelle Moore on  Radio Kerry   (4th October 2018)


Article in the  Irish Independent (4th October 2018):

Room to Improve: Dermot Bannon backs project to convert pensioners’ homes into separate units.

Article in the Irish Independent (3rd October 2018)

Iron out a few details and Ross’s ‘granny flat’ grant is actually a pretty good idea


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