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We had a busy few weeks at The Abhaile Project spreading the word on our housing project. We are at pilot project stage so it is with care that we are opening ourselves up to publicity. However we’ve had a few welcome invitations to present the Abhaile Project.

Bealtaine Art Festival

Ciarán represented the Abhaile Project at this years ‘This is Not My Beautiful House III’ at this years Bealtaine Conference. It was a wonderful day out in a very sunny Galway. It was held at the O’Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance at NUI Galway (worth a visit if you’re in Galway). The first half of the day was a lecture series where we educated on equality and human rights by Niall Crowley; inspired by dance with Philippa Donnellan of BROADREACH and made aware of dementia policies by Prof. Eamon O’Shea. In addition there was working examples of collaboration in action with Limerick Senior Architect Rosie Webb; a wonderful chair in Dr. Gemma Carney and warm welcome from Brendan McGrath. The second half of the day was round table conversations with inspiration from our own Ciarán Ferrie; Artist Vukasin Nedeljkovic and Mamo McDonald. The highlight of the day was the very special musical performance by Madeleine Staunton and Jane O’Leary. A total treat to be hearing lovely flute music on it’s first outing.

The Tonight Show

Following the Bealtaine Conference we got a name check from Senator Marie Louise O’Donnell, on The Tonight Show, as a creative solution to the housing crisis. Ciarán had the opportunity to speak with the Senator at the conference.

The Irish Independent

The Abhaile Project featured in the Health & Living supplement of The Irish Independent. The article really captured what we are about. It emphasised the need for a grant that is preemptive rather than reactionary. The freedom to prepare for old age and to access the grants before you need them is going to be an important part of enabling older people to live at home for longer.  Article – Home Comforts

This is our second mention in the Irish Independent in a month. We were mentioned by Brendan Courtney in his interview on rethinking the family home. Another really interesting article that is looking at how we can adapt family homes to current needs. Article-Brendan Courtney

Dublin City Council

We had the opportunity to present the Abhaile Project to Dublin City Council Architects as a morning CPD. A welcome audience as they ask all the difficult questions which we are constantly working to answer.

Home Comforts – Age-proof your house for years to come.

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