Ava Housing to Launch new Pilot Programme for Over 60’s at Community Information Event

Ava Housing Community Information Event

Expressions of interest have just opened for the over 60’s to take part in our expanded pilot scheme in the greater Beaumont Artane Area, presenting a wonderful opportunity for homeowners to upgrade their homes whilst also creating a rental unit upstairs in their house and retaining full ownership and control of their home.

To explain more about the pilot we will be hosting a Community Information Event taking place on Friday the 8th of September in the Artane Beaumont Family Recreation Centre from 10.30am – 12pm.

Dermot Bannon

At the event you’ll hear from Ava Housing Founder Michelle Moore and Director Dermot Bannon about the benefits of the scheme and how the process works. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions and meet homeowners who have already adapted their homes.

Founder Michelle Moore is excited about the prospect of expanding the scheme in 2023.

The scheme and design are very much suited for the house types you might see around Beaumont, Artane and further afield. It’s a brilliant opportunity for anyone who wants to stay in their own home but may feel the house is a bit much for them to manage on their own or is starting to feel a bit run down.

We think it could really suit people who are planning ahead for their retirement, who don’t want to move out of their house or neighbourhood.”

“If you are at all curious about making your home work better for you, I’d encourage you to come along to our Community Information Event to find out more. And for those who would like to know more but are unable to attend they can find out more about the pilot at www.avahousing.ie, and contact us at info@avahousing.ie or by phone us on 01 485 1880.”

Ava Housing is a not-for-profit initiative that works with older homeowners who live alone. The focus of our work is to help the owners to upgrade and adapt their home for the future so they can rent out a redesigned space upstairs. This not only provides extra income, but also peace of mind.

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