General Questions

What is Ava Housing?
Who is Ava Housing for?

The Process Questions

Is the home-sharing income taxable?
What impact does the rental income have on pension or other social welfare entitlements?
What impact does the rental income have on medical card entitlements or GP Visit Card Scheme?
What are the estimated costs of carrying out the works?
Is Planning Permission required?
Is a Fire Safety Certificate required?
Is a Disability Access Certificate (DAC) Required?
What if a homeowner wants to do further upgrades to the home that are outside of the basic package?

Homeowner & Licensee Questions

What agreements are in place to protect Ava Housing, the homeowner and the renter?
Can the homeowner retain control over who is sharing their home?
What is the impact on inheritance rights?
What happens if the homeowner permanently moves out of the house?
What if there is a dispute between the homeowner and renter?
How are utility bills managed?
How is the sharing of bins managed?
How is sound transfer dealt with between upstairs and downstairs?
How is parking managed?
Is outside space provided for the renter?
Are there washing and drying facilities for the renter?
What is the structure of Ava Housing?