General Questions

Is this the same as The Abhaile Project
What is Ava Housing?
Who is Ava Housing for?
Is it only open to people age 65 and over, or is it also open to people near that age?
Is the home-sharing income taxable?
What is impact on pension or other social welfare entitlements?
What is impact on medical card entitlements or GP Visit Card Scheme?

The Process Questions

What does it all cost?
What if I want to do further upgrades to my home that are outside of the basic package?
Do you have to get planning permission?

Homeowner & Licensee Questions

I read that there is an agreement that has to be signed - do you know where I could get details about this?
Can the homeowner retain control over who is sharing their home?
What is the impact on inheritance rights?
What happens if I can no longer live in the house?
What if there is a dispute between the homeowner and renter?
How do you manage things like bills?
Do we share our refuse bins?