Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardees 2018: The Abhaile Project

‘There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come’  

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

We are delighted to announce that we are one of eight Social Enterprise Ireland Awardees for 2018. The Abhaile Project is a scheme for older homeowners who wish to reconfigure their home to adapt to their ageing needs while also creating additional rental capacity. It aims to tackle the issue of isolation, allow for ageing in place and encourage inter-generational living.

The award ceremony, held in the Mansion House, was an opportunity for Founder & Director Michelle Moore to present The Abhaile Project in a one minute speech;

‘Good evening everyone. Years ago, I lived in the upstairs of a house in London. My neighbour Barney lived in the downstairs half of the house and we each had our own kitchen and bathroom. We lived very independently but at the same time, we kind of looked out for each other, we had each others’ back.  It made me feel a lot safer and more secure.

Years later, I’m back here in Dublin and I’m listening to the radio one morning. There’s a debate about the housing crisis, with a conversation around calls for  “empty nesters”  to downsize. So that got me thinking…… what could I do to use my positive experience of living in London to look at this a different way? Could there be a new choice for older people who find themselves living alone in their family home, a house that is too big for their needs, yet is tied up with years of memories. 

Working with the Abhaile Project team, we have carefully developed such a new option for people like Ann, People who like the idea of upgrading their home to better meet their needs, People who are open to using the spare capacity in their homes to create a separate rental unit within their house. They can welcome a younger person to share their home, in a way that still allows them to live very independently, but helps them feel safer and more secure.

I look forward to a time when the Abhaile Project offers one in a range of housing options that better meets the needs of Ireland’s older people – As well as spanning the generations by creating quality, affordable rentals for younger people . 

Thank you.’

The Video

View the short video for the award’s ceremony here: Abhaile Project Video

The Awardees

Michelle proudly shared the stage with her fellow Awardees;

Saoirse Sheridan: ELDER HOME SHARE


Austin Campbell: MY STREETS

Dr. Tara Shine & Madeleine Murray: CHANGE BY DEGREES

Caitriona Watters-Crehan: PREPARE ME


Dr. Triona Sweeney & Georgina Wade: SPEECH AT HOME

photo credit: Naoise Culhane

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